Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday Cards

This week I found myself designing some patterns using CAD and thought I should put them to some use - so I decided to have a go at designing some greetings cards. I find manipulating my photographs with CAD relaxing and love how quickly different colourways can be created.
So here are a few of my very first card designs (obviously the watermark isn't part of the design)... I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on them whether they are positive or constructive critism :-) Thank you!

Monday, 6 June 2011

The End of an Era

Today I handed in my last ever project at college. It was a huge relief to have everything done, but at the same time slightly scary at the thought of what my next move will be! However, the first thing to do was go home, crack open a bottle of sparkling wine, eat chocolates and chill out with my mum and dad. It felt very strange having time to relax and I have to admit that I felt a small sense of guilt for not doing any work. However, that guilt soon went away and I spent the night enjoying some time away from working (although ideas of new designs were still running through my head - apparantly its actually quite hard to switch off!)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

End of Year Exhibition

It was lovely to see everyones work last night at the end of year exhibition, it all looked amazing. A big well done to everyone for their hard work, it has all paid off! Seeing my work on display made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it and hearing all the lovely comments from people made it even better. A big thank you to the friends and family that came to the exhibition and the meal afterwards :-) Lots of love to you all!
So here it is, my final work of my time at Hull School of Art and Design.
The full collection

Knitted Balls on the Footstool

A close up of all 3 pieces

Me (looking flushed from the very warm room) with my final work