Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Katy's Knits: The Start of my Final Pieces

Katy's Knits: The Start of my Final Pieces: "Well my Final Major Project is well on the way now as I have very nearly completed the first of my final pieces. I loved making it and actua..."

The Start of my Final Pieces

Well my Final Major Project is well on the way now as I have very nearly completed the first of my final pieces. I loved making it and actually found it quite therapeutic! I am very happy with the result - it's chunky, soft, comfy and striking; everything I wanted it to be!
A close up of one of the panels

One side of the pouf complete!

Detail close up

The finished piece! Hope you like it :-)

Friday, 22 April 2011

Final Major Project

At the moment I am very busy making the pieces for my Final Major Project at college. This project is going in a VERY chunky direction which I love. As I have made fine knitted fashion accessories before, I thought I would create something that was completely the opposite. The result - a collection of chunky knitted interior accessories consisting of foot stools/poufs.
Here are some of the samples I have created so far!

These will not be the colours I use in my final pieces as they have been refined since I created these samples.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Blast from the Past

This is something I created when I was doing my BTEC foundation course at Yorkshire Coast College around 3 years ago before I specialised in knit. When the chaise longue was delivered to me, it had plastic legs and was covered in faux fur with a cow pattern on it - not to my taste at all! It was originally produced for pets to use, but I decided I would change it into something decorative - so I decided to replace the legs and to recover it for my final project.
Inspired by the Indian culture combined with perceptions of the female body, I wanted to create a rustic, authentic aesthetic.

This has to be one of my favourite early creations - I hope you like it too :-)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

First 3rd Year Creations

This picture is slightly out of focus but I had to put it on because I just love the attitude in it!

The first creations I made in 3rd year were unisex knitted accessories. The gloves are fully finished but the scarves are just knitted fabrics placed strategically on the models to show what the scarves would look like if they were made up. Based around how things fade and wear away over time, I focused on different ways of creating a worn look with holes in the knitting. I know what you're thinking - holes in knitting?! But don't worry, these gloves and scarves may have holes in, but they will definitely keep you cosy warm in winter!

A big thank you to my lovely friends who willingly (when bribed with chocolate) modelled my designs :-)

Cosy Knits

This is a crocheted necklace I made for the Bradford Textiles Competition but it unfortunately didn't win a place. It is made purely out of British Wool which has made it very comfortable to wear. I was a bit worried it would feel itchy and heavy but it is very soft and keeps the neck nice and cosy! Very happy with it! :-)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bradford Textile Society Design Competition

Ok, so I was very happy recently as I found out that these pieces of jewellery won me 4th place in the Bradford Textile Society Design Competition for creating a knitted fabric for mens or womenswear including accessories.
These were the end products of my final major project from my Foundation Degree last year. Based on tropical florals, I wanted to create something that encorporated a traditional technique with something that had a more modern feel: the result - jewellery made with crochet and laser cut acrylic!

I hope you like them :-)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hi there!

Hello! My name is Katy Bancroft and I am currently studying a top-up year in BA(Hons) Applied Creative Design: Textiles at Hull School of Art and Design. I specialise in creating knitted fabrics and love exploring the different effects that can be created by hand and machine. In this blog you will get the chance to see where my inspiration comes from and the progress of my work. You will also learn a little about me and what I get up to!

Enjoy :-)